Secretary General

Dear participants,


As the Secretary-General of Model Congress Izmir 2019, it is my and my team’s utmost pleasure to welcome you to the very first edition of MCI’19 where we will have the best opportunity to experience how the government system works in the U.S. Being the first ones to organize a Model Congress in Turkey has its challenges but I assure you that our well-gathered team will overcome these challenges and make these 4 days unforgettable for you. 


Our aim is to teach participants how three main branches of the U.S. Government work and to become the pioneer for future Model Congress Conferences to be organized in Turkey. In these 4 days you’ll have the chance to act like representatives, senators or secretaries and you’ll debate on several bills and current agenda items of the Congress of the U.S.  


And lastly, it is again; our utmost pleasure, to welcome and await you to the most prestigious conference with the best team gathered, in Turkey, Model Congress Izmir 2019. 


Secretary General



U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate 

Cabinet of the U.S. 

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